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Debt Ledger Collections

"We are delighted with the work that the team at Welbeck Solicitors LLP have done for us with our liquidation ledgers. I would not hesitate to use Welbeck Solicitors LLP again".
Phil Smith, Partner at Moorfields Corporate Recovery LLP
We offer a first class professional approach to book debt recoveries to factors, invoice discounters and some of the UK’s largest insolvency practitioner firms dealing with administration, liquidation and receivership appointments.
In circumstances where a claim is disputed, our experience as lawyers enables us to quickly recognise the issues and to negotiate towards an amicable and acceptable solution, sometimes using alternative dispute resolution.

Time is of the essence

Our experience of working with factors, invoice discounters and particularly our insolvency practitioner clients means that we fully appreciate that obtaining the ledgers, copy invoices and other financial records whether in electronic or hard copy format is paramount.

Because time is of the essence, we can in appropriate cases offer a service whereby our partners will travel to the business premises to meet with and interview the cashier or financial director, in order to secure the ledgers and hard drive.

What is the advantage of using solicitors instead of a
Debt Collection Agency (DCA)?

Many clients do not appreciate the advantages of instructing a firm of solicitors instead of a debt collection agency otherwise known as a DCA.

There is a huge difference and by clicking here you can see why.

As solicitors we can use our legal knowledge to expedite payment and place the burden of litigating on the debtor. We do this in a variety of ways including the use of Part 36 offers made pursuant to Part 36 of the Civil Procedure Rules 1998.

In an insolvency recovery situation, we can in appropriate cases use the provisions of the Insolvency Act 1986, to obtain company records to assist the appointment taker to reconstitute the company’s financial affairs.

As our sister firm specialises in commercial litigation we can also advise on third party recoveries under deeds of guarantees or indemnities and "fresh air invoicing".

How do you charge?

Clients often wrongly believe that lawyers only charge by the hour. The latter is not always true and Welbeck Solicitors takes an innovative approach to litigation funding. The vast majority of our work is undertaken through a Damages Based Agreement (DBA) or conditional fee agreement (CFA). This means that you pay by results and only pay fees if a recovery is made.

In addition where possible Welbeck Solicitors will endeavour to recover our fees and any related disbursements from the debtor or a third party. For further details please see the explanation below.
A damages-based agreement (DBA) is a form of "no-win, no fee" agreement between a lawyer and client under which the lawyer is paid an agreed proportion of the sums the client recovers in litigation. This kind of arrangement is perhaps more often described as a "contingency fee", but in England and Wales that term would also cover a "conditional fee agreement".

Until recently, English law only permitted DBAs in relation to non-contentious transactional matters and proceedings before employment tribunals but, from 1 April 2013, they are now permissible in relation to proceedings before the English courts. In debt collection cases, the payment a lawyer may agree to receive under a DBA will be subject to a cap of 50% of the sums recovered by the client but Welbeck Solicitors charges a lot less.

State-of-the-art technology and software systems to get your
money back quicker.

We provide Internet access so that your management teams can always monitor the progression of your cases.

Our software also enables us to contact your debtors using SMS (text messaging) and our tracing system which is linked into one of the major credit reference agencies means that we can assist you to try and locate your debtor’s current address.

Pay Now. Our website also enables debtors to pay their debts electronically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our promise to you:

  • The protection afforded by instructing a firm of solicitors.
  • You will always deal direct with a team member who has the knowledge and experience to handle your case from start to finish.
  • We do not use call centres;
  • A client care solicitor partner with over 20 years’ experience in debt collection, insolvency law and litigation.

How to get in touch

If you would like more information on our Debt Collection services or for a free no-obligation discussion please call us on 020 7467 3999 or make an Online Enquiry.

Our Fees

If you would like more details of our charges, please refer to our pricing guide here.